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פתיחת תפריט הנגישות
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In the center of Raanana's thriving high-tech park and near to the head offices of major companies and major roads, a new and modern business center is currently being built. The center’s meticulous design maintains high standards and its high quality construction is precise. The center includes two office buildings and commercial areas with a total area of 26,000 square meters. The building and office spaces were designed to encourage interpersonal interaction and provide an ideal home for the small and medium-sized businesses operating in the area.


מפת גוגל

מפת גוגל בחלון חדש

2 HaNofar, Kiryat Etgarim, Raanana ניווט בווייז

It is time to get your own new office

We invite you to close your eyes and imagine how it would be to wake up every morning and in a few minutes’ drive arrive to your office…
לדפדוף בתמונות, ניתן להשתמש במקש הרווח או בגרירה

Beit Manzur, A Project of the Israel Economic Development Company (IEDC)

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The company initiates and constructs urban business centers and mixed-use commercial and employment projects of hundreds of thousands of square meters.
Our business centers are located near significant population centers in the second circle located around the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Such a location enables residents of the area to work in a new and pleasant environment near their homes and to improve their quality of life.
Our vision is to combine the activity of various business communities, including that of small and medium-sized businesses and professional services among others, to create a prospering and successful business and social environment – all in newly advanced and accessible buildings.
The company has a skilled team with vast experience and knowledge in initiating and developing real estate of all types, which operates and manages all aspect under one roof.

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